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Another honor by IUT ALUMNI

Dr. Mostafa Hassanalian, one of the distinguished IUT Alumni and currently an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at New Mexico Tech, has recently achieved the New Mexico Tech Student Government Association outstanding Faculty Member Award for 2019-2020.   

Dr. Hassanalian completed his BSc and first MSc degrees from Isfahan University of Technology in 2013 and earned his PhD and second MSc in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University. He has been researching on different types of drones (UAV/MAV/NAV/PAV) for 10 years. Flapping wing micro and nano air vehicles, tilt-rotor and tilt-wing drones, Morphing drones, space and marine drones, separation and swarming flight of micro drones, flight dynamics, biomimetics, fluid-structure interaction, and optimization are his main research interests

He and  his  team is currently studying various aspects of drones and Smart Cities.

The website published a listicle titled "5 Ways COVID-19 is Making Drone Delivery the New Normal." The posting includes a short explanation of NMT professor Dr. Mostafa Hassanalian's research related to how drones could function future "Smart Cities


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